Gofamint:…REYOCO DAY 2

The day two of 2018 Regional Youth Conference (REYOCO) of the ninth region of The Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT) started with a power packed Morning Tonic. This was delivered by Bro Akinbusoye Ife-oluwa, the Youth Coordinator of Ondo District. This was titled “Walking in Faith” and was biblically referenced to Hebrew 11:1-6, Romans 4:17-23 and John 7: 38.

In the spiritual tonic powerfully delivered to the participants of the conference, he defined faith as “the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen” which was taken from Hebrew 11:7. .

In his teaching, he laid much emphasis on the right attitude of faith where he punctuated that faith ‘declares before seeing’ and that, ‘faith is not hope but anchored on God’s word.’

Furthermore, he said that ‘by faith all things are possible.’

He gave three stages of faith: historical, temporary and saving faith. He punctuated further that “faith is the justification of salvation and also, this makes man please God.”

He also talked about how Christians can walk by faith. These are: reading the word of God, guiding one’s mind, making positive confessions, prayers and putting one’s faith to work.

The interactive forum of the day was orchestrated by Pastor Joel Odhiko on the topic ” Courtship in Christian Marriage ” where dating among Christians was condemned.

There were series of seminars in the afternoon session which cut across all walks of life.

The evening session was the Impartation Night where The National Youth Pastor of the Mission, Pastor Moses Akinyetu, ministered with the moves of the Holy Spirit on the topic “Moving from Natural to Supernatural”.

In his explication, he said something supernatural is what cannot be explained by science and that God wants us to operate in the levels that cannot be explained by science.

He said it is a taboo for a Christian to do things like every other person. He further said, emphatically, that Christians must do things supernatural.

He mentioned six people who do something supernatural in the Bible. These are: Daniel, Samson, Elisha, Elijah, Peter and Paul.

He said doing something supernatural is our birthright.

A lot of the participants were filled with the power of the Holy Ghost as prophesies were released.

The power packed and prophetically loaded night of great impartation was followed by a powerful symphonic session.

In the semi finals, Ore District defeated Ajegunle District with 2 goals to 1 while Ile Oluji bowed to Ondo District with 7 goals to 0.

Ore District will battle it out with Ondo District in the grand finale while Ile Oluji boys will fight with Ajegunle District for the third place slot on Friday, the 7th of September, 2018.

The conference programme continues at 8am on Friday immediately after the third place match.

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