The Genuine Students Out Of Respect For Elders As Tradition Demands Reactivated NUNS To Champion Their Causes And Interests.
National Union of Nigerian Students (NUNS), a students’ union bringing together Nigerian students both within Nigeria and across the diaspora, was founded in 1956, following structural changes in the West African Students’ Union. It brought together student councils in Ife, Zaria, and Nsukka.


1. Sincerely today is a special day in the history of Nigerians students movement and its evolution in Nigeria, we give thank to God Almighty for the privilege and opportunity given to us to be part of this Great Epoch making event of Rebirth, Revival and Return of our dear cherished ideological, pro student/masses student body NUNS after 40 years, I am please to inform Nigerians student that our leadership has resolved in our 1st National Executive Council Meeting NEC held earlier today immediately after our election to name the national secretariat of NUNS after Late Comr. AKOGUN OLUSEGUN OKEOWO who was the last president of NUNS after leading the popular Ali Must Go Struggle of 1978 before the union was banned by Federal Military Government of Gen Olusegun Obasanjo in April 1978.
2. We express deep appreciation to all student union presidents, Secretaries, state indigenous national student union bodies, National Association of University Students NAUS leadership, National Association of Polytechnic Students NAPS leadership, National Association of Nigerian Colleges of Education Students NANCES leadership, senior cadres and the generality of Nigerian students for the confidence repose on us to lead as Pioneer Executive Council members of the 2nd Republic of NUNS and we assured all of our unflinching commitment and dedication to genuine struggle for betterment of Nigerian students across board.
3. We understand the fact that the Rebirth of NUNS is a child of Necessity to salvage a reoccurring problem of lost of ideology, political hijack, display of hooliganism/thuggery and Mass Domination of Non students in the existing apex student body hence we shall not deviate from the core values and principle of operation in constructive alutarism with diplomacy under the 3 Cs, Consultation, Consolidation and Confrontation in fact we shall include another C COMPLEMENTATION to ensure we JORJOR more than we WARWAR and sustain the integrity and hard earn image of NUNS towards attaining improve welfare for our teeming students and actualise reposition of our education sector.
4. National Union of Nigerian Students (NUNS) a students’ union, bringing together Nigerian students both within Nigeria and across the diaspora, founded in 1956, following structural changes in the West African Students’ Union. It brought together student councils in Ife, Zaria, and Nsukka. Until In April 1978, under General Olusegun Obasanjo Military regime when Nigerian students were faced with the imposition of increased fees, and NUNS participated in a series of Campus protests across the whole of Nigeria tag ‘Ali Must Go’. When the government responded by sending in the army and police, leading to the serious wound of over twenty students, three universities were closed and NUNS was banned with Several university staff and students dismissed. And it ban was lifted with all student and staff reinstated by Alh Sheu Shagari Civilian Regime in 1979 but abandoned for then newly formed student association (NANS) in 1980 is today reconvene to redeem the lost glory of student movement in Nigeria.
5. Our leadership shall uphold the ideology of NUNS as Credible platform with integrity, voice of the voiceless, eye of the blind and ear of the deaf to enhance an Egalitarian society and support all sectors/Section of the country to actualise their set goals particularly education departments, agencies and ministries at all levels. Our oversight activities shall deem on fight against corruption agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari, to ensure Mr President succeed in this fight against Looters of our common treasury, we shall discourage all forms of thuggery, hooliganism, cultism, drug abuse, internet fraud and other social vices common among young Nigerians who are mostly students.
6. Our leadership shall jealously pursue 3 cardinal interest.
1. Uninterrupted academic Calendar.
2. Industrial harmony among staff unions, Government and our institutions management authorities.
3. Improved education infrastructure and reform, while our agenda shall coil around restructuring and rebuilding of the NUNS, financial Independent and re- registration of NUNS as entity to be recognise and accorded legal status in the country again, rapid, responsible and responsive leadership to ensure student improve welfare on campus, all politically victimized / dismissed student union leaders and dissolve at will Student Union Government are reinstated across board just as will shall repel all form of extortion and obnoxious policy of any authority.
7. We shall as a matter of urgency commence action against JAMB Extortion, Reluctant /Delay in NYSC allowance review, Denial of National Open University Law Student inclusion in Nigeria law School mobilisation, Suspended Industrial Training allowance by ITF, Suspended State scholarship/Bursary Award by some state Government across the Federation, Unimplemented resolution of National Council on Establishment on HND/Bsc Certificate Disparity, CBN and Commercial Bank Extortion among other issues as contained in the communique of the convention.
8. Our leadership condole with the students, staff, management and host community of Federal Polytechnic Bida Niger State over the unfortunate incident of riot between student and the indigene on 3rd September, 2018 which claimed lives and properties, we demand the polytechnic Management shift resumption date with minimum of 4 weeks in order for students to recover from the suck of the incident as well for those with minor or major injuries to recover before resuming for academic activities.
7. We implore all stakeholders in education sector, labour force and sister Unions in student and youth community in Nigeria including National Association of Nigerian Students NANS most importantly the Zonal and JCC structure who have NO leadership faction to grant us support as we are open for collaboration to redefine student unionism in Nigeria.
Together we can, so help us God. Amen.
Thanks and God bless.
Amb S A Lukman#AIG
NUNS President (Elect)

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